Defamation Is A Personal Injury

Personal injury lawyers get a bad rap because of years of tort reform and hokey advertisements. But personal injury law is much broader than just auto accident and slip and fall cases. Every time a doctor misdiagnoses a patient causing injury, a personal injury lawyer steps in and advocates on behalf of the patient’s safety, which makes the entire community safer. The same is true when a pharmaceutical company puts profits over safety and causes injury.

But have you ever considered the fact that defamation is a personal injury, too? This injury may even be more serious than a physical injury because your reputation is at stake–and in many cases, your reputation may not be something you can fix, unlike a physical injury.

Although our right to an undefamed reputation must be balanced against the First Amendment rights of others, it’s important and must be recognized for what it is: a personal injury. 


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    Contacting an injury lawyer is indeed important so that we will never be fooled by anybody. They are here to help us and for sure their help is needed because we don’t know all the law! We need somebody who is so knowledgeable about it.

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