“Adrianos M. Facchetti” – What’s in a name?

Many of us work incredibly hard to establish an outstanding reputation both in our personal life and in our business.

We spend countless hours learning and honing our craft.

We spend time away from our family and friends all in the name of developing our skills. We make the kind of sacrifices that only one of us would understand. We work really hard.

And then the unthinkable happens.

A negative review pops up on the internet about your business. The review appears to be written by a competitor and is incredibly libelous and untrue. You write to the website operator asking them to remove the comment but they decline. Now what do you do?

Or perhaps a scathing story is written about you in your local newspaper. The story is incredibly damaging and untrue. But everyone seems to believe the story including people you know. You speak to the reporter and tell him your side of the story but he doesn’t care. Now what do you do?

Perhaps you should do nothing.

Perhaps you should do lots of things.

But one thing you should not do is let the defamation rob you of your joy.

Because ultimately it doesn’t matter.

People forget. Memories fade. And ultimately in most cases you are remembered for your body of work.

Remember that.



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