Dealing With Negative Customer Reviews

Sam encounters my animated self on the street and tells me all about his Internet troubles. Apparently, some former disgruntled customers have posted some negative customer reviews about his business on a couple of websites. I give him some general advice about what to do.


  1. Paul Sherland says

    I don’t agree with your advice to ignore the negative review. If you do, you’re pleading nolo contendere to the reviewer’s statements. I tell my clients to develop and post an appropriate response as soon as possible after discovering the review. What is appropriate depends on the situation and any constraints that the review subject’s profession might place on a response. For example as you know, an attorney cannot disclose confidential client information to defend against a negative review; however, the attorney can draft a response that maintains confidentiality and addresses and attempts to mitigate the unhappy client’s situation.
    I agree with all of your other points — the animation is a great presentation aid.
    Thanks, Paul

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