Defamation Law Chaos

Say what you will about "Web 2.0" and the so-called "evolution" of the Internet. The fact is, the Internet is still the Wild Wild West, especially with respect to policing/regulating the web. Witness the herculean struggle in the United States to define the limits of free speech on the net and you get the picture. For instance, in some states you can go to jail for libel while in others there isn’t even an anti-SLAPP statute. One state court in Massachusetts held that truth may not be an absolute defense in some instances of defamation. 

With the disparate application of internet defamation law in the states and the boundless nature of the web, I wonder if legislation imposing some basic standards might be helpful.

Putting aside your political views for a brief second, what do you think? I’d really like to hear from you.

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