Federal Anti-SLAPP Legislation Introduced (Finally)

Tennessee Congressman Steve Cohen recently introduced H.R. 4364, which is a proposed federal anti-SLAPP law (I mentioned this in an earlier post here). If passed, this could have a significant impact on the legal landscape nationwide. If you liked this post please subscribe to the California Defamation Law Newsletter to receive the "Ultimate Beginner’s Guide To Defamation Law." […]

Filing A Lawsuit In A Foreign Country: Protected Conduct Under The Anti-SLAPP Statute?

This is a brand new case (filed yesterday) by the California Court of Appeal, Second District, located in Los Angeles. Guessous v. Chrome Hearts, LLC (2009) WL 4263833. The plaintiffs are Mohammed Amal Guessous ("Guessous") and Five Bis.  Guessous is a U.S. citizen and resident of Los Angeles. He has an ownership interest in Five Bis, […]

Can An Anti-SLAPP Motion Be Used To Strike A Single Cause of Action?

As I’ve explained in previous posts, one of most common defense motions in response to a complaint for defamation is the anti-SLAPP motion. The beauty of this motion is that it gives the defendant an opportunity to eliminate a lawsuit at an early stage of litigation before litigation becomes cost prohibitive.  Also, if the motion […]