Here is what some attorneys have said about Adrianos Facchetti:

“I have known Mr. Facchetti for some time now, and recognize him as an expert in his field. He is my go-to attorney for questions and referrals in the fields of libel and slander cases, as well as other issues related to media, Internet, and user generated content/speech.” – Gordon Firemark, Entertainment Attorney

“Mr. Facchetti is one of the most impressive young attorneys I have ever seen.” – Partner at one of the largest law firms in Los Angeles said this in open court to the Judge

“Mr. Facchetti is an outstanding attorney. I am particularly impressed by his ability to meet deadlines no matter the situation. When I work on a case with him, I have no doubt that he will timely deliver top-quality legal work. I have been rated AV by Martindale and have been in practice for many years. I have hired and worked with many associates during my career, and I would rate Mr. Facchetti at the very top level.” – George Baltaxe, Civil Litigation Attorney

“I can say from first hand experience that I highly recommend Adrianos. He is especially adept in the Defamation Law field and has an outstanding knowledge of the difficult legal issues that are presented such as drafting and arguing anti-SLAPP motions from both the defense and plaintiff perspective.” – James R. Tedford II, Civil Litigation and Criminal Defense Attorney

I have been an attorney for over 18 years. I had a potential six-figure case in the LA area, and was concerned that defendants would file an anti-SLAPP motion. I searched and found Adrianos Facchetti, creator of the California Defamation Law blog. I brought him into the case, just in time as an anti-SLAPP was filed weeks later. Adrianos handled this motion very well. He is extremely knowledgeable in the case law in this area, and successfully guided us through a largely winning motion, including helping us to obtain discovery that was key to our opposition. Adrianos has participated in all other aspects of the case in a positive way, including strategizing, law and motion practice, extensive discovery, and a successful mediation. I can highly recommend him especially for defamation and SLAPP/anti-SLAPP practice, and in general litigation. Duane Light, SBN 169467

Here is what some clients have said about Mr. Facchetti:

Adrianos Facchetti was an integral part of our legal team in our civil case. As I imagine is true in each individual case, we had a variety of concerns in entering this process. Our family, including our three teenage daughters, had been victimized by a violent act, we had no idea where to begin, and we felt vulnerable. We were also hugely concerned about the welfare of our daughters during this completely unfamiliar process. The outcome of our case was important, but the journey we were about to take required attorneys that we could trust implicitly. From the moment we met Adrianos his calm capability was obvious. He was genuinely concerned for our family and that concern continued over the three years we worked with him. Each step of the legal process was covered with us before it happened in terms we understood. He let us know what to expect each step of the way. During our journey together, from filing to settlement, Adrianos was professional, caring, and thorough. His exhaustive attention to each and every detail ensured that our case received every possible consideration. We would not hesitate to recommend Adrianos to friends or family in the event they required legal services. Having him on our team enabled us to reach a settlement in our case and move forward in our lives. We will always be grateful to him.” Lisa – A Civil Rights client.

After being served with a defamation lawsuit, we did not know where to turn. My wife is a recent cancer survivor, so the last thing we needed was the stress and aggravation of a lawsuit.

From the moment we spoke with Adrianos on the phone, we knew we were in good hands. At our initial consultation, he listened patiently and then explained our options.

Adrianos filed a brilliant anti-SLAPP motion on our behalf, which stopped the plaintiff and their attorney dead in their tracks. The defamation suit was dropped and Adrianos negotiated an excellent settlement in which the plaintiff ended up paying us.

In addition to being a great attorney, we found Adrianos to be a sincere, compassionate person. Throughout the process, it was evident that he had our best interests at heart, and had genuine concern for how all this would affect our family.

If we ever have ANY sort of legal issue in the future Adrianos Facchetti will be the first person called! – Pete, Libel client

Search for anti-SLAPP expert on Google and there’s Facchetti!

And for good reason. We faced an early wash-out on a anti-SLAPP challenge and the judge was unfamiliar with anti-SLAPP and about to rule against us… Adrianos patiently explained the anti-SLAPP rulings and why the judge would be creating a new negative anti-SLAPP precedent if we were ruled against.

Adrianos’ patient explanation along with copious examples of applicable prior decisions got the judge to listen and rule in our favor.

Well done, counselor! – Libel Client

I had a serious allegation brought against me by an individual 2000 miles away from me, where I do not reside. I interviewed and discussed the facts with several attorneys. I found Mr. Faccchetti to be very knowledgeable, about my type of case. He was able to explain the law and various outcomes. I made several calls before hiring and during each call he would answer my questions, even repeated questions thoroughly so that I could understand what was going on. Not once did he rushed me or make me feel any pressure to hire him. Upon hiring, Mr. Facchetti continued to be patient, thorough and kept me completely informed about everything that was happening with the case. Being informed was of upmost importance to me since I was unable to attend the court hearings. The other party was very difficult and definitely set on playing hard ball. Mr. Facchetti remained calm and was able to combat every obstacle that came my way, even situations that arose in my home state where he had to speak with my attorney here on a somewhat related matter.. This was no ordinary case. The case was resolved in my favor. What impresses me most about Mr. Facchetti is that his goal throughout my case was what was in MY Best Interest. Not about his pay, not about a win regardless of how it affected me in the end but again, he made sure the outcome would be in My Best Interest. Mr. Facchetti is extremely trustworthy which is a rare heard of quality or seen these days. I am so thankful that I chose Adrianos Facchetti as my attorney in this matter. – Out of state libel client.

I am German citizen and had a complex law suit on internet defamation against me including several causes of actions and involving a public person. After trying several German speaking lawyers, in the hope of getting an easier comprehension of legal terms, I discovered Adrianos who convinced me very fast with his dedication and commitment. Short after, much more was revealed to me: it was Adrianos’ excellent expertise, objectivity and strategic sense that led us to win the anti-SLAPP motion in shortest time and to then have the plaintiff dismiss the rest of the case with prejudice.

It was a pleasure to work with Adrianos: always up to date, respectful, motivated and not to forget – a good listener with a constructive sense of humor that encouraged me during hard times. I therefore strongly recommend Adrianos and I would assign him at any time to represent again my legal interests. – A libel client

BizParentz Foundation (a non-profit charity), was fortunate that Adrianos Facchetti was willing to take our case. Our organization, as well as one co-founder, were defendants in a Federal SLAPP case that had been transferred from another state.

Not only is Adrianos knowledgeable, aggressive, and an out-of-the-box thinker, he is a pleasure to conduct business with. Our issue was complex, and involved a business area unfamiliar to many people. Adrianos quickly mastered the business model as it applied to our case. He always treated us with the utmost respect, took the time to educate us about the legal issues, and always remembered that as his clients, we had the final say in decisions.

Our case was voluntarily dismissed by the Plaintiffs without prejudice, and we consider that a big “win” both for us, and for the First Amendment rights of consumers everywhere. We are proud to have had Adrianos on our team and are very grateful for his generosity and support. -Anne Henry and Paula Dorn, BizParentz Foundation

“As a 30-year businessman with more than 60 websites working for me, I have on many occasions needed legal representation. All lawyers I have worked with have completed my needs from adequately through excellently. I engaged Facchetti for a situation that involved multiple competitors from across the nation that were working in sync to cause my business and personal reputations to suffer. Some attorneys who had reviewed the matter felt very strong that I had a solid case, but since it involved multiple jurisdictions and difficult to prove elements of defamation, they suggested more defamation-knowledgeable counsel. Facchetti did research before accepting my case. Once started, I observed a steady stream of impeccable documents flow from him involving the matter that were a notch (or two) above docs I have reviewed in the past. As the case proceeded, it became clear that he knew more about litigating defamation than did the legal firms representing my defendants. Facchetti dealt with the other legal-eagles in a professional manner that actually brought results sooner than expected. Always accessible by phone or e-mail, I felt, no– I knew, that he cared about my case. Excellent service.” John Grogan, Polygraph examiner

“Adrianos has been my Attorney for the past year. He sees everything from all angkes and his perspective is highly intelligent. He has a very direct, yet soothing way of explaining the law and his knowledge of the law is impeccable. He is easily accesible and returns phone calls and emails within minutes. He is eager to help his clients and is extremely open to ideas and suggestions. I would highly advise using him for any legal needs. I had an emergeny and sent him a text message, he was at my door step within 60 minutes. I felt relief to have him there in that moment.” -Sean Healy, owner of Sean Healy Presents, Inc.

“I have known Adrian for a few years and in that time he has evidenced an acute ability to apply logic and sound judgement to any situation. He continues to impress me with the confidence, dedication and tenacity he applies to his work. His straightforward and honest approach to lawyering is a rare find these days and a great asset to the legal community.” -Jordan North, owner of North Advertising and former owner of multiple internationally recognized casinos.

Last year when I search some attorney specialist on slapp-motion, I find out attorney Adrianos M. Facchetti by Internet. after I met him and discuss with him my file. he has so knowledgeable and professional……. After I won the case. I highly believe great attorney is the most important . I will referral all my friends to attorney Adrianos if they need help – Jenny Xu

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