Doe II, et al v. Myspace Inc., et al.: Another Big Victory For Section 230 Proponents

Total read time:  4-5 minutes.  Myspace wins again. The social networking giant (Facebook qualifies as a super-giant in this case) garnered another important victory for interactive service providers, when the California Court of Appeal, Second District held that: (1) Myspace, as a publisher of third-party content, had immunity under the Communications Decency Act, and, (2) […]

Linking to third-party content: Does Section 230 Provide Immunity?

Eric Goldman of the Technology Law Blog seems to think so and I agree.  The Communications Decency Act was passed in 1996 and later was interpreted by courts to immunize internet service providers form torts committed by users of their systems.  In specific, it says: "No provider or user of an interactive computer service shall be […]