Kim Kardashian’s Defamation Claim: Smart Or Not?

Faced with a growing backlash from the public for her mini-marriage to NBA basketball player, Chris Humphries, Kim Kardashian has filed a claim for arbitration alleging breach of a confidentiality agreement and defamation. I won’t recount the details about the wedding extravaganza, which was televised, because I think most people are probably familiar with it […]

Courtney Love Sued For Tweets Again

In an exclusive, the Hollywood Reporter reports that Courtney Love is being sued once again for Twitter Defamation. This time the allegation is that Love defamed one of her former attorneys, by allegedly suggesting that she had been bought off or accepted a bribe. While I haven’t seen the Complaint yet, a couple of things come […]

Lutfi v. Spears: Court of Appeal Rules In His Favor

Lutfi scores another important victory. The Second District Court of Appeals, in Los Angeles, affirmed the trial judge’s decision denying Spears’s (not Britney–her mother) anti-SLAPP motion. If you recall, Spears wrote a book and included some statements about Lufti, which he didn’t like very much, to put it mildly. So he sued her claiming libel, […]

Perez Hilton Threatens To Sue Kirstie Alley For Twitter Defamation

WARNING: This post contains profanity.  If you find profanity objectionable please do not continue reading. Someone must have hacked into Kirstie Alley’s Twitter account. At least, I hope so for Alley’s sake. Yesterday in response to a tweet from one of her followers, Alley wrote that "PH" (presumably Perez Hilton) was "like a closet pedophile […]

The Tale Of A Model, A Blogger, and Internet Anonymity

I couldn’t resist any longer. By now you know the story of Rosemary Port, the blogger who had anonymously blogged about model Liskula Cohen, stating that Cohen was a "skank" and a "ho," among other choice character descriptions. You also know that a court forced Google to reveal Port’s identity. Up until that time the […]

Courtney Love Gets Sued For Tweets: Opposing Counsel Drops Two Key Claims

You probably know by now that Courtney Love got sued last March for alleged defamatory Tweets. The allegations are THE MOST OUTRAGEOUS that I have ever seen.  I sure hope that they’re not true for Ms. Love’s sake. Anyhow, here’s an update on the case:  Opposing counsel (the attorney representing the plaintiff) has amended the complaint and […]

Twitterers Beware! Courtney Love Gets Sued For Tweets

Warning! This post contains language which may be offensive to some. Please do not read it if you find profanity objectionable or if it makes you feel uncomfortable. E Online! is reporting that Courtney Love is being sued in Los Angeles by a designer for defamation and other claims. The "Hole" rockstar allegedly made outrageous statements […]