Is It Possible To Waive Your Right to Free Speech?

If you have been reading the California Defamation Law Blog for any period of time, you would know that I enjoy dispelling common misconceptions. A common misunderstanding is that one may not waive his or her right to free speech. Even some lawyers believe this. But they are wrong. The fact is, there are many […]

5 Common Misconceptions About Online Defamation

I stumbled across a great video on YouTube by John W. Dozier, Jr. about common misconceptions lawyers have regarding online defamation. 1. “Bumping” a post – Old math says that you should respond to defamatory remarks in order to refute them. But, responding to such posts, or “bumping,” only makes the defamatory remarks more significant […]

Defamation Basics: PART I

Defamation seems like a simple concept. Someone says or writes something damaging about someone’s else’s reputation, right? Wrong. The legal requirements for defamation are far more stringent than you might expect. I find that most people equate defamation with office gossip. It’s true. (refer to said simple definition above). So lets clear it up. The […]