Corporations May Not Maintain A Claim For False Light

Plaintiffs often make the mistake of alleging claims of false light on behalf of corporations. This often occurs when the case also involves individual plaintiffs, particularly in the context of internet defamation. It springs from a fundamental misunderstanding of the law. But California does not recognize a claim for false light for corporations. “This is because the […]

How to read a consumer review

At least 2 or 3 times a week I get a call from an anguished business owner about a negative review on the internet. Sometimes it’s on Yelp, other times it’s on other sites like Citysearch, Ripoffreport, or Avvo. Negative reviews can be extremely damaging to a business, but in many cases, it’s best not […]

Think About This Before Responding To A Negative Customer Review

Most small business owners experience severe anguish when they think about the effects of a negative customer review in regard to their internet business reputation. So much so that they are willing to do just about anything, including sending the oft ill-advised demand letter. Usually, general counsel will tell the business owner that sending such […]

What is the Statute of Limitations in Internet Defamation Cases?

Relying primarily on a recent California Supreme Court decision, I wrote a while back that the discovery rule does not apply to defamation cases. That is, generally, you have one year to file a lawsuit for defamation (slander/libel) from the time the statement or statements are published. Unfortunately, the Supreme Court did not address specifically […]

How To Deal With A “Scam” Listing For Your Company’s Name

One of the most devastating listings you can have is a "scam" listing for your name or your company’s brand name on the Internet. I know this because people call me nearly every day and tell me that someone has written something defamatory about them on the Web. However, there are ways to deal with […]

Protecting Your Reputation Before Internet Defamation Occurs

I tell prospective clients on almost a daily basis that they need to protect their reputation on the internet before the unthinkable occurs–before they are defamed. Unfortunately for most of them, the defamation has already happened and we are faced with the challenge of dealing with a permanent negative. But you can choose to start […]

Internet Defamation: Sue Scheff Discusses Google Bombs and Reputation Management

Enrico Schaefer over at Traverse Legal alerted me to this podcast that a colleague of his hosted with reputation management pioneer Sue Scheff. I have discussed Sue’s harrowing story and her book Google Bomb (co-written with attorney John dozier, Jr.) in a previous post. In this podcast, Sue discusses: The definition of a Google Bomb […]

The Dark Side Of Twitter Lists

I recently took a much needed hiatus from Twitter because I got super busy with work.  Now I’m back. But while I was gone the whole Twitter Lists phenomenon happened.  Everyone was talking about the benefits of Twitter lists.  No one could even conceive of any possible negative possibilities, which is why I find Michael […]