The Tale Of A Model, A Blogger, and Internet Anonymity

I couldn’t resist any longer. By now you know the story of Rosemary Port, the blogger who had anonymously blogged about model Liskula Cohen, stating that Cohen was a "skank" and a "ho," among other choice character descriptions. You also know that a court forced Google to reveal Port’s identity. Up until that time the […]

UK High Court: Google Not Liable For Defamation in Search Results

This is a must read article by Mark Sweeney published in the UK’s Guardian. While the result would clearly be the same in the United States due to the application of the Communications Decency Act, it is interesting to see how the High Court comes to the same conclusion. In a nutshell, the High court […]

The Wrong Way Forward: Google Execs Face Criminal Consequences For Cyberlibel

Saul Hansell over at the New York Times’ bits blog writes, Google Execs Face Jail Time For Italian Video.  Google execs are standing trial today for a cellphone video that was posted to Italian Youtube by a third party of some Turin youths teasing a boy with Down Syndrome.  Even though YouTube took the video down […]