Is California Defamation Law Unfair?

 I know the world isn’t fair, but why isn’t it ever unfair in my favor? – Bill Watterson, Author of Calvin & Hobbes Watterson’s observation echoes many of the kinds of statements I hear weekly from potential defamation plaintiffs. After listening patiently to their side of the story, (usually several minutes), I begin describing the […]

Defamation Defense: Consent

A less common but no less important defense to a cause of action for defamation is the defense of consent. If the defendant can show that the plaintiff consented to the publication of the alleged defamatory statement or statements, it operates as a complete defense. In other words, defendant wins. Under what circumstances has the […]

The 3 Different Types Of Damages in Defamation Cases

A California court may award three kinds of damages to an aggrieved party in a defamation case. What are damages? Damages are monetary compensation for loss or injury to a person or property. In defamation cases, a court is attempting to measure the plaintiff’s loss of reputation as a result of the alleged defamatory statement […]