Leave To Amend A Complaint After A Successful Anti-SLAPP Motion?

You are a plaintiff in a lawsuit and the defendant filed and won an anti-SLAPP motion striking your entire complaint. May a court grant you leave to amend the complaint? In other words, will the court let you "fix the problem" with your complaint. No. Simmons v. Allstate Co. (2001) 92 Cal.App.4th 1068, 1073. The […]

Nguyen-Lam v. Cao: Amendment of Complaint After Anti-SLAPP Motion Filed

California Defamation precedent never ceases to amaze me due to its complexity and fact specific holdings. The case of Nguyen-Lam v. Cao (2009) WL 484589 illustrates my point perfectly.  In Nguyen-Lam, a Vietnamese woman who was slated to become the nation’s first Vietnamese superintendent of a public school district, sued the Defendant for slander per […]