Courtney Love Sued For Tweets Again

In an exclusive, the Hollywood Reporter reports that Courtney Love is being sued once again for Twitter Defamation. This time the allegation is that Love defamed one of her former attorneys, by allegedly suggesting that she had been bought off or accepted a bribe.

While I haven’t seen the Complaint yet, a couple of things come to mind. First, I can’t believe that she’s being sued again. I thought she would have learned her lesson by now given the result of her previous lawsuit for defamation. Second, at first glance, the allegation seems pretty serious because it implies a violation of her attorney’s ethical duties at best, and potential criminal conduct at worst, both of which amount to libel per se. So damages could be very significant because of Love’s star power and the fact that the plaintiff is an attorney. On the other hand, I doubt many people knew about the alleged defamatory statement prior to the filing of the lawsuit. Now everyone knows. 

I wonder if Love’s defense attorneys will venture an anti-SLAPP motion again. I bet they do, but I’m not optimistic that it would succeed for the same reasons that her anti-SLAPP motion failed in her previous defamation suit.

Perhaps we will see a lawsuit based on tweets go to trial.

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