How To Deal With A “Scam” Listing For Your Company’s Name

One of the most devastating listings you can have is a "scam" listing for your name or your company’s brand name on the Internet. I know this because people call me nearly every day and tell me that someone has written something defamatory about them on the Web.

However, there are ways to deal with this, and one particular dynamite strategy which I stumbled across about a year and a half ago is explained really well in Michael Graywolf’s SEO Blog Post here

I came across this concept in researching a certain internet marketer with a certain penchant for surfing. When I googled his name I discovered a listing that read: "Name, is he a scam?" That title was so compelling that I just had to click on it and find out whether or not this guy was a scam artist. 

But an interesting thing happened when I clicked on the link: The article was not written by a disgruntled customer. Instead, it appeared to have been written by him and it explained why he was so great. This accomplished two very important things: (1) It ranked really well for his brand name + the word "scam" and (2) it totally defused the notion that he was a scammer. Mission accomplished.

You can try this as well, except that you may not want to limit it to the word "scam." You may want to create a separate "sucks" site or a "ripoff" site since those terms are often used as well.

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