Defamation Defense: Other Proceedings

It used to be that statements made before private bodies were not absolutely privileged under Civil Code section 47(b).  This meant that statements made at a judicial commission at a private medical society were not absolutely privileged, for example. Noting a gap in the law, the California legislature made it such that statements made "in […]

Defamation Defense: Legislative Proceedings

Continuing on in our series on the defenses to a cause of action for defamation relates to statements made in a legislative proceeding. Like statements made in judicial proceedings, statements which are made in legislative proceedings are absolutely privileged pursuant to Civil Code section 47(b). This defense applies to statements made by participants in state […]

Defamation Defense: Judicial Proceedings

Continuing in our series on defamation defenses, today we’re going to cover the defense of statements made in a judicial proceeding, also known as the litigation privilege. A publication made in a judicial or quasi-judicial proceeding is absolutely privileged.  Civil Code § 47(b). This means that  you cannot prevail in a libel or slander case […]