Perez Hilton Threatens To Sue Kirstie Alley For Twitter Defamation

WARNING: This post contains profanity.  If you find profanity objectionable please do not continue reading.

Someone must have hacked into Kirstie Alley’s Twitter account. At least, I hope so for Alley’s sake.

Yesterday in response to a tweet from one of her followers, Alley wrote that "PH" (presumably Perez Hilton) was "like a closet pedophile drawing nasty stuff on young girl’s photos…makes me vomit."

But Alley did not stop there.  Then she wrote the following choice tweets:

Then Alley purports to compare Hilton to Nazis:

You would have thought that Alley would have given it a rest but she started up again tonight! Check this out (read in reverse order: scroll down).

Terms like "pornographer," "pedophile," "child pornography creep," are all serious allegations which could get Alley into some serious hot water.  And even though Hilton is a public figure, there may be some evidence of actual malice since Alley wrote she vowed to take Hilton down.

But Hilton did not take these Twitter attacks lying down.  Here’s what he wrote (in reverse order: scroll down for the earlier tweets).

This incident seems to be a trend among celebrities. Instead of using tabloids to trash each other they’ve turned to social media tools, most notably, Twitter.

I expect a lawsuit to be filed within a week.



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