Defamation Defense: Discharge Of Official Duty

An absolute privilege exists for statements made "[i]n the proper discharge of an official duty" under California Civil Code section 47(a). An absolute privilege is defined as a "privilege that immunizes an actor from suit, no matter how wrongful the action may be, and even though it is done with an improper motive."  Black’s Law […]

Internet Defamation Lawyer Caught On Video . . .

I’m having way too much fun creating educational videos using a cool site I found called  The site allows you to create animated videos, which is a lot of fun. I also think it’s a great way to continue to share excellent content with you regarding California Defamation Law and so you can "see" […]

Perez Hilton Threatens To Sue Kirstie Alley For Twitter Defamation

WARNING: This post contains profanity.  If you find profanity objectionable please do not continue reading. Someone must have hacked into Kirstie Alley’s Twitter account. At least, I hope so for Alley’s sake. Yesterday in response to a tweet from one of her followers, Alley wrote that "PH" (presumably Perez Hilton) was "like a closet pedophile […]