Los Angeles Superior Court Reduces Operations In Wake of Financial Crisis

Los Angeles litigants, lawyers, and court staff just got a jolt of reality this week when the planned "furloughs" began on Wednesday.

If you don’t know already, as a result of the financial crisis in California, the Los Angeles Superior Court was required to "substantially reduce its operations and furlough employees the third Wednesday of every month beginning on July 15, 1009." except for essential services. To see a list of essential services click here.

So what does this mean for you? Well, it means that it’ll be that much harder to get your case in front of a judge in a timely manner, which I believe, will particularly affect plaintiffs. (I noticed that the court room was extra busy today). It will also mean (likely) that more filing errors will be made because the clerk’s office simply does not have enough staff to deal with the current amount of documents being filed every day.

On the bright side, at least courts will remain open to handle essential services. To see a list of essential services click here.

[In reality, there is no bright side because the Court expects the crisis to last at least another four years]

Happy Friday!

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