UK High Court: Google Not Liable For Defamation in Search Results

This is a must read article by Mark Sweeney published in the UK’s Guardian. While the result would clearly be the same in the United States due to the application of the Communications Decency Act, it is interesting to see how the High Court comes to the same conclusion. In a nutshell, the High court […]

Los Angeles Superior Court Reduces Operations In Wake of Financial Crisis

Los Angeles litigants, lawyers, and court staff just got a jolt of reality this week when the planned "furloughs" began on Wednesday. If you don’t know already, as a result of the financial crisis in California, the Los Angeles Superior Court was required to "substantially reduce its operations and furlough employees the third Wednesday of […]

This Is What A Defamation Lawyer Sounds Like . . .

I had the great privilege to be a part of the Entertainment Law Update: Episode 3: Bloggers, Journalists, and Defamation. Click here to listen to the recording and hear what a defamation lawyer sounds like. Why should you listen? You’ll learn how bloggers can take advantage of a law that was originally intended to protect […]

Doe II, et al v. Myspace Inc., et al.: Another Big Victory For Section 230 Proponents

Total read time:  4-5 minutes.  Myspace wins again. The social networking giant (Facebook qualifies as a super-giant in this case) garnered another important victory for interactive service providers, when the California Court of Appeal, Second District held that: (1) Myspace, as a publisher of third-party content, had immunity under the Communications Decency Act, and, (2) […]

Palin’s Defamation Claim and the Sad State of Reporting In America Today

Total Read Time: 3 minutes. Sarah Palin’s attorney fired of a warning letter today that is being discussed all over the blogosphere. The letter alleges that certain remarks made about Palin by members of the media and, particularly, by an Alaskan blogger, Shannon Moore, are defamatory. Here’s what Moore said to Davis Shuster on MSNBC […]

Unintended Publication

If you’ve been reading the California Defamation Law Blog for any period of time, you’d know that publication is a necessary element of any cause of action for defamation. What you probably don’t know, however, is that the publication element can be met even if the publication was unintentional, or negligent. For example, suppose I […]