A Little Known Secret (Not Really) To Manage Your Reputation On Twitter

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last year, you’ve probably heard about Twitter and the many benefits it can give you or your business. (Twitter really is amazing so if you’re not on it and you own a business you should definitely check it out).

But like anything else, with every opportunity there comes a risk, especially when you’re talking about the Internet. And this is particularly true with Twitter since you’re really putting yourself out there when you send a tweet. So how do you manage this risk?

You do it by first knowing what people are saying about you.

And the way you do this is to use tools that automatically check what people are saying about your brand, company, or even you if you’re an individual on Twitter.

So let’s take an example and flesh this out a bit.

You probably already know that I’m on Twitter and that I consistently tweet about defamation, internet defamation, slander, libel, etc. I occasionally tweet about the Lakers (my favorite sports team) or other interesting shenanigans that I get myself into, like going to a RATT concert or winning an important motion in court.

Since I tweet a lot and I’m a defamation lawyer, I’m naturally concerned about my reputation on the Internet. Who doesn’t care what other people think about them? Right?

So here’s what I do to manage my name on Twitter. Now, you should know that I’ve never shared this with anyone (not because it’s some revolutionary secret, it’s just that I haven’t talked about it with anyone)   🙂

I use a service called Tweetbeep.

It’s really awesome because it works and because it’s FREE.

All you have to do is the following:

  1. Sign up with Tweetbeep 
  2. Figure out which terms you want to manage – I keep track of name and its variants, e.g. "adrianos, "facchetti," adrianos m. facchetti." I also keep track of important keywords to stay on top of news in my areas of interest, e.g., "defamation" and "libel." 
  3. And Voila! – You’ll automatically receive free alerts on the terms people are tweeting about.

So here’s what it looks like in action. About once a day I’ll get an email with a couple of tweets about me or terms that are relevant to my area of interest like the ones below.


craigniedenthal: A must read post for all of us tweeters! Protect yourself from defamation claims. Thanks @Adrianos. http://is.gd/pki5

Friday, March 27th at 23:03:01 · Reply · View Tweet



gfiremark: RT @heathermilligan: Here’s my great panel 4 @LACBA small/solo conf topic: social networking. @adrianos @gfiremark @vpynchon @hsleviant.

Friday, May 8th at 23:20:57 · Reply · View Tweet


This allows me to know what it is being said about me so that I can respond appropriately. As you can see above, @craigniedenthal retweeted one of my tweets. In this instance, I might send craig a thank you tweet, or I might not respond depending on how I’m feeling on any given day.

And if someone is saying something negative about me I’ll know about and I’ll have a record of it if I decide to take action against them. So far I haven’t encountered anything negative about me on Twitter, but when it happens you’ll be the first to know.

So there you have it. Go sign up for Tweetbeep or a service which assists you in monitor your name, or key search terms relevant to your business or market.

You can follow me on Twitter at @adrianos.








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