Speaking: Social Networking For Lawyers: A Roadmap To Success

I’m pleased to be part of an impressive panel including entertainment attorney Gordon Firemark; class action attorney H. Scott Leviant; Barger & Wolen Marketing Director Heather Milligan, and mediator attorney Victoria Pynchon, to discuss how lawyers can use and benefit from social media. The Details: Los Angeles County Bar Association’s Second Annual Small Firm and Solo […]

Is A Mixed Cause Of Action Subject to Strike Under Section 425.16?

WARNING: This post contains an advanced concept that may only be of interest to California defamation lawyers and other people who deal with anti-SLAPP motions on a regular basis. OK. With that disclaimer in mind, what in the heck is a "mixed cause of action?" A "mixed cause of action" means that the underlying allegations of a […]

Trump Sues For Libel: You’ll Never Guess Why . . .

. . . for underestimating Trump’s net worth in a book!  Apparently, a New York Times writer wrote in a book that Trump’s fortune was approximately $150-200 million. Trump claimed that his net worth was more like $5 billion.  Quite a difference, right? Anyhow, Trump brought a lawsuit for libel, claiming that he lost some deals as a […]

A Simple Way To Manage Your Internet Reputation

Do you monitor your name or the name of your business? Well, you should and I’m going to show you how can do so easily. But first I’d like to thank you for reading the California Defamation Law Blog. I am so happy to be sharing this information with you and I hope you find it useful. […]

Courtney Love Gets Sued For Tweets: Opposing Counsel Drops Two Key Claims

You probably know by now that Courtney Love got sued last March for alleged defamatory Tweets. The allegations are THE MOST OUTRAGEOUS that I have ever seen.  I sure hope that they’re not true for Ms. Love’s sake. Anyhow, here’s an update on the case:  Opposing counsel (the attorney representing the plaintiff) has amended the complaint and […]