You Don’t Want to Overlook this Element of Defamation

California Defamation law is not as simple as many lawyers and other people may have you believe. There are several elements necessary to prove a cause of action for defamation, and one of the most overlooked elements is publication. Publication is a term of art. This means that it has a specific legal meaning. A […]

Nethercutt Collection et al. v. Regalia – Slander Per Se v. Slander Per Quod

The California Court of Appeal reversed a jury decision awarding plaintiff a whopping $750,000 in damages based on slander per se. Regalia, the plaintiff, was a former employee of an automobile museum. He claimed that he was wrongfully terminated and that the defendants were liable for slander per se based on two allegedly defamatory statements […]

Dealing With Negative Customer Reviews

Sam encounters my animated self on the street and tells me all about his Internet troubles. Apparently, some former disgruntled customers have posted some negative customer reviews about his business on a couple of websites. I give him some general advice about what to do. Buffer

Gratuitous Merriment

I hope you don’t mind a break in the action. Here is a video that reminds us that it’s OK to smile no matter what kind of problems or struggles life throws our way. It has nothing to do with defamation law. Thanks to Grant Griffiths over at BlogforProfit for posting about this video on his […]