Los Angeles Superior Court Filing Fees Increase

Last year a Los Angeles Superior Court judge told me and another lawyer that "litigation is the sport of kings." Another judge in the same courthouse told me it’s not really worth it to go to trial unless you have at least $500,000.00 in damages.

Well, I guess they’re right.

As if it wasn’t enough that California lawmakers totally mismanaged our economy and have raised fees on everything from parking tickets to waste disposal fees, they have now raised filing fees almost 10%.

It now costs $350 to file a complaint or other first paper in an unlimited civil case (more than $25,000.00) and the same to file an answer or other first paper by a party other than the plaintiff.

This means the little guy or gal has less access to the courts and it isn’t right.

To see the complete fee schedule for the Los Angeles Superior Court click here.


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    Actually, upping the ante for Superior Court seems like a good idea to me – cut back on frivolous lawsuits. Crazies and small matters can still file in small claims or muni court.

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