The 3 Different Types Of Damages in Defamation Cases

A California court may award three kinds of damages to an aggrieved party in a defamation case. What are damages? Damages are monetary compensation for loss or injury to a person or property. In defamation cases, a court is attempting to measure the plaintiff’s loss of reputation as a result of the alleged defamatory statement […]

Defamation Hotlinks: 1/19/09-1/23/09

I scour the Internet for defamation stories and posts every day because I am passionate about the law of defamation.  Because I find so many interesting articles/posts on a regular basis, I thought I would share some of them with my readers through a new series here at the California Defamation Law Blog, called, "Defamation […]

Hailstone v. Martinez: What Exactly Is A Matter of Public Interest?

California legislators passed a law in 1991 known as the "anti-SLAPP" statute to dispose of lawsuits at an early state of litigation that are primarily aimed at chilling speech.  An issue that frequently arises is whether the alleged defamatory statement(s) is a matter of public interest.  If so, the first prong of the statute is […]

How Will Obama’s Presidency Affect Internet Defamation Laws?

As I was watching the inauguration and the following festivities today, I kept thinking:  How will internet defamation laws be influenced by Obama’s presidency?  After all, I thought, Obama is the first american president to be described as "Internet savvy."  The media has reported on numerous occasions that Obama is fond of using e-mail and he certainly […]