Decriminalizing Defamation: Part II

In my last post I covered just a few examples of the recent "trend" of treating defamation as a crime.   As you might expect, defamation is considered to be a crime in many Asian and Middle Eastern countries. It is also a crime in some European countries, like Italy, for example.  What is surprising […]

Decriminalizing Defamation: Part I

The police arrest you.   They then detain, cuff, interrogate, force you to strip down naked, and subject you to body cavity searches.  Your lawyer isn’t present during this entire time.   So, what were you charged with?  Defamation.  Hard to believe a nightmarish scenario like this one could ever happen to anyone? Well, just ask Vittorio […]

The Preliminary Injunction Is Dead

A Deputy Sheriff (Mr. Evans) sued his wife (Mrs. Evans) for defamation, harassment, and invasion of privacy among other claims.  Evans v. Evans (2008) 162 Cal.App.4th 1157.  He moved for a preliminary injunction.  The trial court granted it and entered an order enjoining her and her mother from:  (1) publishing “false and defamatory statements” about Mr. […]

Internet Libel As A Crime? Say It Ain’t So!

A Colorado man was charged with 2 counts of criminal libel over alleged posts about his former lover on Craigslist's, "Rants and Raves" section.  It is alleged that the man wrote something to the effect that the woman traded sexual acts for attorney services, among other disparaging remarks. Criminal liability for defamatory remarks is backward. […]

Top 5 Internet Defamation Law Blogs

Even though things have been going really well here at the California Defamation Law Blog, I even realize that there are plenty of other good blogs about internet defamation out there, and, only a limited number of people interested in learning about defamation.  This has been a worry of mine for some time now. But […]