Aerosmith Lead Singer’s “Cryin'” over Bloggers’ posts

Steven Tyler, of the world-renowned rock band Aerosmith, has sued anonymous bloggers for: (1) public disclosure of private facts; (2) false light; and (3) misappropriation of likeness. Tyler alleges that the defendants impersonated him and his girlfriend in various posts to their blogs on Google’s free blogging platform, Blogspot.

This lawsuit is interesting because Tyler is a resident of Massachusetts and has filed sued in California against anonymous bloggers. How would he know that the bloggers are residents of California? And if he doesn’t know, why would he choose California as a venue? The complaint claims that venue is proper
under California Code of Civil Procedure section 395(a), which is odd because that would mean that Tyler’s claiming he’s a resident of California, or that at least one of the defendants are a resident of California, or that the claimed injury took place in California.

There are many other problems with the complaint. Sorry Steven. “Dream on.”

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